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Re: Flat Feet: MBA Implant

Thanks Tikiman for the response. It was very help full and informitive. When I was younger my Doc said that I could get the surgery or wear the orthodics. Of course my parents went with the orthodics option. Now that i have to get surgery done they wished that they went with the surgery option. When I saw My Doc again in early July he said that I would be in a wheelchair for at lest 4wks and then move to a boot. I was even thinking to myself that it would be hard to move around with cruches when i have two boots on. So i am thinking that i will use a walker but who knows. I know my doc said cruches but that is going to be hard. So how are doing with your recovery time? I am really hoping that this is the right the option for me to do. I have read that many people had very much sucess with this surgery. Do you think this surgery was sucessful for you so far? I am think of making another Doc appt so that he can go over more of the details of the surgery and the recovery time. If you dont mind me asking what percentage did your insurance company cover for it? Did they give you hard time about even covering some of the cost of the surgery. I know some people have had a hard time with insurance companies even covering some of the cost. I fell that with my luck that I will have to fight my insurance company to even cover some of it. I mean, I do have bluecross and blueshield so I dont know we will see what Happens. What did you do to take your mind off of the pain after the surgery and when you were non weight barring for 4wks? I hope all is good with your recovery process and I will post again when I talk to my Doc and after I have the surgery done on 9/24/10. Again Thanks for all of your help. Kyle