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Re: Flat Feet: MBA Implant

Haha no problem!

It's been a little less than a year since the surgery on my first foot, and I could not be happier with this surgery. I can run and sprint (though I'm not quite 100% yet. Maybe like 85-90%) and the pains I used to have are gone. My ankles are still a bit frail feeling, but I think my ankles will feel better with time. Sometimes, when I turn my ankles in certain ways, I feel a tiny bit of pain, but it's really not a problem.

Luckily my insurance, GEHA, covered most of it.

And I think in 4 weeks, depending on how bad your flat feet are, you will be able to walk around without crutches. Maybe even 5 weeks, but around that time, if you have a boot, I think you will be able to walk around.

Your doctor will tell you this, but when you get the surgery, you have to keep your feet completely dry. Any moisture can cause an infection, and an infection will be a total pain in the ***. I recommend you get one of those shower foot covers, as well as a few garbage bags you can put over it. If you have a small garbage bag on your foot, with a foot cover on top of that, and a bigger garbage bag on top of that, you will be safe. That's what I did and I avoided infection. I also recommend getting a shower stool or something you can sit on while you're washing yourself.

Good luck! And if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask away. I get an email notification whenever someone posts here, so I can answer pronto