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Re: Anyone with Chronic idiopathic nausea?

Originally Posted by aussiegirl2 View Post
Hi Idwika

thanks for those ideas re causes. ive had my hormones tested but i might ask whether its worth getting them done again. the air swallowing is interesting, i wonder how u could test for that? im working with my local doctor and i thnk i will ask him about seeing another gastroenterologist who could test for things like EE and also other esophageal issues. im waiting to hear back drom dr borody if he has any other ideas.

with fructose malabsorption, does that mean u cant digest fruit?
my doc wants me to see a cardiologist as ive had lots of heart pounding issues and also a psychiatrist! i will do it but i know that these are real symptoms and not in my head! but battling an on going illness is a challenge so a psych might help. i dont want to go back on amitrpytline.

re your tests i wanted to know the relevant ones to make sure ive done everything to rule out an organic cause. ive had an endoscopy where they checked for h pylori not not EE. an abdominal and brain ct scan and abdominal ultrasound.
Aussiegirl2 - Fructose Malabsorption is big in Oz. I think the Monash University are involved. If you Google it along with Jacquleine Barrett and/or Peter Gibson and you will get more info. It doesn't exclude all fruit for reasons which will become obvious. There is a breath test for it. If you are positive on the test you must follow the FODMAP diet. Fructose Malabsorption can certainly cause chronic nausea and other symptoms.
Air swallowing can be dealt with by a physio who specialises in this. It involves checking to see if you breathe by expanding your abdomen rather than your chest. I know this because I have been tested for it.
You could try Mirtazapine because that can help with nausea and I did not have any side effects with it.
I think it is worth seeing a psychiatrist as a good one can really help with giving you antidepressants which might work well for you. Many people have been helped with digestive issues by anti-depressants and tranquilisers.
Tests that I have had which might help you are:- a comprehensive stool test which will test for bacteria, parasites, low good bacteria, yeast overgrowth etc. Gastric emptying test for gastroparesis because this can cause bad nausea. HIDA scan with CKK to test your gallbaldder function. Have you had blood test for tumour markers? Thyroid function test. Test for celiacs disease.
I would also do a food elimination diet as you may be intolerant to certain foods and this can cause nausea. That's about it.
Keep me posted please and good luck.

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