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Re: Flat Feet: MBA Implant

No one has replied to you yet so I thought I'd jump in. Having both feet done at the same time is very rough. One of the things to consider is that you will have a lot of leg atrophy on both sides so you won't have a "strong" side to lean on. My doctor wouldn't do it (I asked because I wanted to get it over with at once) because of the bilateral weakness. in his experience the healing time almost doubled and the feelings of depression were higher because of the increased immobility. You'll be wheelchair-bound and little things like getting on the toilet will be very difficult with pain in both feet. There is a guy on here who had the MBA implant on one foot who I "chatted" with a lot and he was able to walk in his boot at 4 weeks. He had a lot of swelling but he seemed to be progressing well at 4 weeks. He recently fell and torn his meniscus on his surgery-side knee so he is back down again... It is easy to fall with one foot done; with both sides done I think you would have to be extra careful.
What if you got one foot done this year and the next foot done next year? that is what I am doing.