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P.O'd about PM office

There is only one major PM center in my area so they've got the market cornered. Short version of long story is:

I originally started at the PM center with one doc who I saw once and got one cortisone injection before he left for vacation. I was then xfr'd to another doc for the next one and he ended up giving me two more. I was never happy with him, his demeanor, his help with my problem, etc. That was ~ 1.5 years ago.

I've been getting my pain med scripts through my PCP but the dosage I'm on is no longer working as it once did. He tried me on 50 mcg patches of fentanyl, which didn't help at all. That said, he stated I need to go back to Pain Management to see if they will change meds, up my current dosage, etc.

I called the office and stated I wanted to see a different doctor. their answer was that first, the original doctor would have to officially release me and secondly, the doctor I was requesting would have to agree to take me on. I was dumb-struck. I didn't make an appointment and I'm not sure that I want to. There is one other PM center in the area, but it is out of the way, considerably, while the office in question is ~ 5 minutes from my office.

Questions: Have any of you had the same experience in the past? If so, what was the outcome? Did the doc allow you to xfr? Also, did he assist with modifying the meds? I've got some significant back issues and I'm currently on 120 mg/day of oxycontin, 10 - 30 mg/day of oxycodone (instant release) for breakthrough, Soma for spasms, and Crestor. I'd like to stay away from Fentanyl for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is because I hated the patches and didn't feel ANY relief at all.



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