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Re: Newbe here with questions

Originally Posted by anxiousme View Post
The majority of folks with ALS have weakness and atrophy prior to muscle fasciculations. However, literature says it is possible to present with fasciculations. My mother had weakness and major weight loss before the fasciculations began.

I'm 38 and have been experiencing constant fasciculations. My EMG came back normal, but I still worry. I have your same concerns. I wish you the best.
Thanks for your reply. I am wondering that in ALS, if the atrophy is caused by the fasciculations or the fasciculations are a result of the atrophy. I haven't read any clarification of that question so far. In cases of people with true ALS, do most people present with wasted muscles before they experience fasciculations or no? I know it is possible to present with fasciculations with out weakness or atrophy but that is BFS (benign fasciculation syndrome) and is not indicative of ALS.
PS: If you have a clean EMG I would not be worrying about ALS.