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Re: Fatigue, Confusion, Tinnitus, and vision

As I am reading your story, I see so many similarities to the problem my daughter is currently having. She is 20 years old. On Easter Sunday she woke up with difficulty seeing. Her night vision seems to be worse than the day time. She lives with tunnel vision, and it is difficult for her to see things at a distance. She has been to 3 opthamologists. Each have stated it is not an eye problem. We have gone to a neurologist, and have had 2 MRI's done. He's unable to make a diagnosis either. On Sat. we decided to see an alternative medicine doctor. The things he knew about her past health was incredible. He suggested which tests the doctors should be running and what they should be looking for. He said her adrenal glands were not functioning properly and these tests are necessary to determine a diagnosis. She is scheduled to see her family doctor tomorrow.
I wish you the best of luck....I absolutely know the frustration you are going through.