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Re: Barium enema

Greeeaaaat, I was hoping this wouldn't be painful, oh well roll with the punches I guess. Sounds like oodles of fun. I'll have to let you know how mine is. I do know that after the BE I have to take 6-8 fleet enemas to clear out the barium because I will hopefully be having a colostomy reversal the following day.
During my scope the Dr. went in through my stoma as well as my rectum, but there was a section on my colon that he was not able to see. He's not sure if it's a part of my colon that was infected and so it had narrowed or if it was just kinked somewhere. My Dr wants to be sure that this is the last surgery I have to endure.
For a brief history of the nightmarish past four months of my life...I had and emergency c-section March 31st of this year. We were blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby well as a bleed that developed into an abscessed clot, which required emergency surgery to remove. In that surgery I lost my ovary, Fallopian tube, and my colon was nicked. I developed peritonitis, became acutely septic and required another emergency surgery, which saved my life by hours, and I lost 9 inches of my colon. I had the wonderful privilege of receiving a colostomy/ilieostomy.
Sorry for the long description, lol