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Question In need of a diagnosis

I am new to this board. I have read many interesting and amazing things!
I have been dealing with this health issue for about 2 years, it started with just general not feeling well some stomach discomfort, diarrhea, fatigue, loss of ambition, for 6 months I blew it off as getting older and thinking it would go away-I can not believe how wrong I was/am!!!!

It has steadily gotten worse with new symptoms of joint 'cracking and popping' that I have never had before. Almost constant nausea but I force myself to eat. I have not lost any weight but people tell me I have lost muscle mass. I have night sweats but no fever. I feel flushed at times and it seems like my body is pumping out heat but I never have an elevated temperature, in fact it is usually 96-97 range. I think it is a virus of some sort.

I have such muscle pain all over, the worse being in my neck. It feels like my neck is swelling, it feels tight and when I move it there is this ungodly sound, like crunching of egg shells. It is slowly becoming difficult to swallow. I have a burning sensation along my back up into my neck and on the top of my head (under the skull).

I have had significant hair loss-enough for my family to notice! I occassionally notice blurred vision-(I did have my eyes examined and she said all was normal just need readers)

I get this jolt of pain that just happens out of the blue and it takes my breath away.

I feel weaker and my endurance is so poor (I had to give up volley ball and running with my daughter.) I do not seem to be able to take a deep breath like I used too. I get short of breath doing things I never had a problem doing 2 years ago. It is very frightening! I am so exhausted all the time! two years ago I worked my 10 hour shift then came to my 2nd job and worked 6-8 hours more and still had energy to do things. Today I struggle to make it through my job and as soon as I get home I need to sit down. I force myself to get the bare minimum things done (I am a single parent).

People tell me I look OK but I feel so awful. I see dark circles under my eyes, and the longer this goes on the more fearful I am becoming.

All the doctors I have seen have no answers. Blood work: CBC, Chemistry, Sed rate, CRP, RA, Vit B, HIV, thyroid, hepatitis, ACE, Gluten, heavy metals, Lyme, Multiple sclerosis-from spinal tap plus numerous others are all negative. Slightly low Vit D level, high EBV and slightly high Cholesterol panel were the only things that have shown up. Stool tests all negative.

Studies: MRI head, neck and abdomen all negative, CT scans, EKG and stress test negative. Psych eval was normal too! imagine that lol

I still believe it is some kind of virus. I do not know where to turn next. I am afraid I am going to die before they find something. Has anyone been through something like this or heard or some one who has???

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