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Re: protein deficiency

hi there,
i was wondering if you are still around, i have had a LOT of trouble with lower leg swelling, my doctor told me from the start it was due to drinking far too much water and not getting enough protein.

it took many many months of cutting back on fluids (i was drinking a lot of water for a long time, up to 10 litres a day and essentially buggered my kidneys up badly), which was very hard as i was always very thirsty. ie a normal day for me of, eg 3 x 600ml diet drinks, approx 4 litres of water, 5 cups of green tea, the 2 or 3 cups of decaf coffee, watever it was - had to go.

in about 5 months of including protein in my diet in the form of protein shakes (i don't eat meat so its hard in that sense too) and cutting back on liquids drastically, my problem has basically disappeared.

on days when i would go without drinking fluids at all (when i was scared of the swelling), my legs would not swell at all. any liquids i did drink would simply pool in my calves, hence the swelling. come night time when i was laying down, i would go to the toilet many many times - and wee it all out.

my problem sounds similar in the protein deficiency sense, hope this has helped...