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responsibility ocd

Can anyone relate. My symptoms come and go. When I have them they are unbearable. I have to constantly check that everything in the house is safe, I am so worried that if I don't think of every possible problem that the house will burn down or blow up or someone in my family will be hurt or sick because of my mistake. I don't worry about me, just everyone else. The past two months it has been non-stop. I can not shut my mind down. It jumps from one issue to another, like a broken car alarm ringing all the time. I can feel my brain searching for something to worry about and check. I think of the worst possible outcome of something I may have missed and worry about it as if it happening and end up vomiting from the fear. I just started on Luvox and Klonopin and will start CBT in a few weeks. Please, is there hope for me? I am making everyone around me crazy. I can not keep feeling like this. Thanks for any input.

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