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Re: responsibility ocd

I know exactly how you feel. I am an ocd checker. I have to check the hot water heater every night to make sure it isn't leaking gas, I have to check the carbon monoxide detector every night to make sure no carbon minoxide has registered that day. I check every window and under every bed. It is exhausting. Atleast I only do it once for the most part and it only takes a few minutes but it would be nice if someone else would do it sometimes. Because I check so much, my husband doesn't worry because he knows I have handled it. My worst checking though is did I take my meds, did the pill fall out of my hand or out of my mouth and I didn't realize it, so then I have to check the floor. That one is pretty bad, but right now the worst has been checking my blood pressure. I don't have high blood pressure but had a few high readings at the doctor which has led to two years of obsessive checking. My therapist finally said I need to stop, spoke to my doctor and both of them told me no more than once a month. Well, it has been five days and my anxiety is rising because I want to check and I have never gone longer than a week in the last two years. My goal is to go a month but it is hard. I guess the best advice is to know it will be fine, nothing will happen it is just anxiety thoughts and you aren't alone.