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Re: Daily Headaches & Occasional Dizziness?

Originally Posted by fjeeva001 View Post
Hi I'm 26 and I have experienced the exact same thing since I was about 13 and in school. I never went by a day without a headache.
There could be various reasons, the dizziness sounds like me and it could be a case of low blood pressure or anemia, you should have your self tested for that. it could also be stress related. Are u a person that stresses alot?
It could also be diet related. i went to a neurologist and he told me that I should stop eating cheese and chocolates as that triggers my headaches.
Lastly it could also be your vision? Do u wear glasses or contact lenses, I wear both, have been since 14 and that also sometimes can be a cause.
Also taking pain medication everyday can become addictive and you should try not to do that.I know from my own personal experience, I started becoming addicted to pain killers from taking them everyday.

Hope all this info helps somewhat.
PS. Please tell your mom so she can take you to a doctor and sort it out before it gets into something worse.
Thank you for your help (:
I do not wear contacts or anything, I have 20/20 vision.
I only stress out around the time of something that could make me nervous or anxious.
I guess you can say that I do eat a lot chocolate and cheese, but not daily.
I'll try to talk to my mom about it, to see if she'll believe me. Sometimes I do over-exaggerate, but I know that something is not right. Thanks again for your help!