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Re: worried about starting fentanyl patch

Originally Posted by lovelife27 View Post
What I meant was 40 Soma pills 350mg every two weeks and 56 Percocet 5/???mg every two weeks... plus Avinza 60mg every day and this has been going on for at least two months and now I have no relief And I'm worried about the heat because I live in New York where it is not only hot but gets very humid!!
I have just started the fentanyl patch today - I am 29 also. I have had 3 back surgeries (one spinal fusion) - For the first 6 hours I didn't feel any side effects but I didn't have hardly any pain. Now I am at hour 14 and I have fears. I am not sure if it is anxiety or what it is - I contemplated taking it off so I could calm down and go to sleep but I have had such terrible pain for so many years and am wondering if this is just a temporary symptom until my body becomes use to it? Before I was taking 30 mg vicodin/day my patch is 25mcg the brand is Sandoz. I literally can't sleep and my heartbeat isn't necessarily irregular but is fairly fast for a resting state - any quick advise from anyone would be great. Has anyone experienced this and what did you do?