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Re: Down syndrome and loose stool

Originally Posted by T21momof3 View Post
Hi - have you found anything out about this yet? I just read your post and it's exactly what's happening to my daughter who is 4 1/2 and has DS. She has yet to have a solid or formed stool yet too. Her pediatrician says it's just toddlers diarreah and not to worry, but I can't believe that's all it is. It's just not right. I think I am going to have her see a gastroentorologist to see if they have any idea. School is not fun w/ this condition! I warned the teachers and aides at the beginning of the year and brought a note from the dr saying that the consistency is normal for her so they wouldn't send her home thinking she had diarreah all the time. She has started showing a little interest in the potty, but I think it might be a little early for potty training. I have a 3 year old typical child and may just try to potty train them both at the same time next weekend over memorial day. We'll see how it goes.
My son is 16 and has Down Syndrome. He had diarrhea for 11 years before we found out he had Celiac Disease. Left untreated - they won't get the nutrients they need and will have esophageal refux and behaviors to do GI tract pain. I had a new kid once he was diagnosed. Also left untreated - you can get cancers in the GI tract. Not trying to scare you but I feel guilty for letting a dr tell me he had toddler diarrhea and not getting a second opinion. On the RARE front he now had Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I have only been able to find a couple cases of DS and HL. Good Luck all!

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