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Re: Where to begin???

I can't believe no one has replied to you. 1st off congratulations on either the upcoming birth or if your baby has been born his/her birth. Yes there are different aspects, different problems associated with Down syndrome, one of the biggest problems is heart problems. When my son was born (he's 11 now) they heard a heart murmur once and didn't hear it again (until just a couple weeks ago) went to the cardiologist (and we have another appointment with them in a couple weeks) and everything checked out just fine.

pretty much all the kids on there are functioning just fine, hold down jobs and stuff like that - only exception is my son he is considered complex, he has gotten so complex that the down syndrome clinic here in Minnesota won't see him so I am busting my butt off to find a specialist that will take him on, the ones that I have been told about are not taking new patients).

Ryan is a loving kid (too bad his biological father doesn't know that, he abandonen us when Ryan was diagnosed with Down syndrome, I don't blame him we were both 19 at the time), my husband is a wonderful father to Ryan and then hubby and I went on to have a beautiful set of identical twin daughters that the only problems they have is both are sensitive to lactose (runs in the family) and one has bedwetting issues but she is only 5 so I am not worried about it (plus she is a heavy sleeper).

Anything else you want to know don't hesitate to contact me, I'll answer questions.

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