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Re: worried about starting fentanyl patch

Hi there, I'm very sorry for your condition,and situation. When it comes to long acting strong opiods what works for some does'nt work as well for others. You are fairly young in age, and please be cautious with any opiods. Some Dr.s recomend different long acting for different types of pain. On the other hand some Dr.s just go through the process of alimination to what ever works. Either way always ask questions, and I recomend you keep a medication pain log note book, It helps you ,and your doc remember what you have tried, and also quickly helps you go to important information that might normally takes alot of time to remember off the top of your head. Also it works great because we only have about 10 miniutes to ask our important quetions. Also aways keep all controlled medication logged into your Emergency contacts in your cell phone in case of an accident. As far a the Fentanyl patch, it has been the only thing that works for 48 hours, but I have problems with them on extreame hot days, because they do get loose, and fall off if you sweat perfusely. Also they give me one side effect that I don't like, and that is they cause anxiety, and irritabilty, but I take a mild script of benzos to counter act that. Other than that they are GREAT for my ARTHRITIS, and SEVER DEEP BONE PAIN. Please be forwarned. If you have a low tolerance, and are small in body weight I would be EXTREAMELY CAUTIOUS with mixing them with Xanax or Klonipin. for some reason Benzodiazapenes don't mix well with Fentanyl unless your DR, understands 100% about your total health situation, and psycological make up. So he needs to know everything, and every medication your taking. Please don't let this scare you. Just keep you and your Dr. up to date on your total health situation. I unfortunately can't take Oxycontin they don't last 12 hours, and my insurance gives me the run around about getting them 3 times a day. On the other hand they don't have a problem with me getting the patches every 48 hours."Go figure'?. Always remember no medications are 100% in all areas. Its alot of trial, and error and then dependance is a real reality factor. I really wish you the very best in you decision. Just stay in close contact with your Doctor ,and you should be fine. Best wishes to you. I honestly hope your pain heals, and goes away so you don't have to be on the strong opiods for life as I. Sincerely Painbegone