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Re: any one have those days when ....

You are sooooooo not alone. I take care of my 92 yr old Aunt who is usually adorable and loving. But sometimes I feel the same thoughts make me feel guilty/selfish..I mean she is the one that may not be around much longer...I am generally an emotional person to begin with and it is so hard for me not to take things she says personally; even though I know the meds she is on probably have her confused, agitated, etc. It is frustrating and I really don't think anyone else understands unless they deal with it every day. People tell me to "take a break" "do something for myself"..but it is hard for me to enjoy anything lately. I guess I just wanted to let you know your feelings are normal - I am not even pregnant!!! =)
If you need to talk I am here...take care.

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