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Palmar Erythema and Liver Symptom Sequence


Im totally worried - I think my outcome will be straight onto the liver transplant list (if I am lucky). So not a good future to want a confirmation from a doctor on.

So - ive read tonnes - seriously - tonnes of websites and pages - I have read all about the devastation of Cirrhosis of the liver, the slow painful deaths, the ups and downs, MELD, ChildPugh scoring, the lot - and still I do not know where I am up to and what I need to do.

I have red palms and finger tips - basically all palm prominences are red/pinkish.

Im tired a lot (in the late afternoon but great of an evening - quite lively at 7pm+) - it takes me 2 hours to fully wake up in the morning.

I have a beer belly - but it seems "watery" now - but whilst I have had it about 2 years - i dont know if its always been "watery" sloshy.

I think ive got the odd spider nevi - pinhead sized or slightly larger - about 8 of them.

I feel slightly nauseous on and off every other day or 4.

I drank 70 to 80 units per week for 8 years - I stopped 3 months ago totally with no trouble at all. I lost my job and career in extremely bad circumstances and hit the booze big time and didnt stop - I suppose thats not an excuse really but its the way it happened and I just went along - I still havent got over that episode things were so totally unfair and unjust - but hey.

Will I need a transplant even though Ive stopped drinking?
Can I help myself without seeing my GP whos a friend of the family?

What are my chances of living a year? 5 years? 10 years? if I never drink again? or am I basically doomed?

Im 41. Male.


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