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Re: neurologist or orthapedic?

Originally Posted by Vickers64 View Post
Just wondering if somebody can help?

Am in the process of being tested for ms, just had a lumbar puncture. Saw my GP today and when we discussed my symptoms - main one being severe pain in my neck radiating into my shoulder blade - she wondered whether I should have been referred to an orthapedic surgeon as a neurologist would only look at the nerve issues rather than bone issues? Would a neurologist not pick up this?
Hi, im going through the same issues right now, I saw an orthapedic specialist first who could not really help me, so the answer to you question would be yes a neurologist would pick up on your pain, mine certainly did, they dont just deal with nerves, but all underlying causes as well, however seeing both would not hurt. I hope you get diagnosed sooner rather than later, ive been having problems for 5 months and still have no answers, ive been told its not MS but im not so sure, although I have 43 symptoms, so im a bit of a mystery to all concerned. Good luck and I hope it all turns out ok for you.