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Re: Anyone with Chronic idiopathic nausea?

Originally Posted by aussiegirl2 View Post
hi ******
things are ok. I felt pretty sick on the weekend but this week i have felt ok. The nausea hasnt been too bad the last 3 days.
I'm on 2 new reflux drugs so at least the reflux is under control. i went to see the cardiologist about the heart pounding and he thinks my low blood pressure might be causing it.
he also suggested that i be treated for giardia ( even though the endoscopy found no evidence) he says its one day of pills and it may help,
im still having regular acupuncture and chinese herbs, and im due to see my GP later this week for another check up. he is going to arrange another gastro review where i will raise some of those issues like fructose breath test etc that u raised.
how are things going with you??
Pleased to hear that the nausea hasn't been too bad for the last few days. I think the only way to be tested for giardia is by a stool test but as the doctor says you just take anitbiotics for one or two days.
Do you think the Chinese doctor is helping? I am thinking of stopping my treatment with the Chinese doctor as it doesn't seem to be helping.
What is the latest with Dr Borody, are you going to see him again?
I am not doing too well, so frustrating to not get any real long term relief. It is so debilitating this illness isn't it?
Hope things get better for both of us.