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Re: Anyone with Chronic idiopathic nausea?

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Pleased to hear that the nausea hasn't been too bad for the last few days. I think the only way to be tested for giardia is by a stool test but as the doctor says you just take anitbiotics for one or two days.
Do you think the Chinese doctor is helping? I am thinking of stopping my treatment with the Chinese doctor as it doesn't seem to be helping.
What is the latest with Dr Borody, are you going to see him again?
I am not doing too well, so frustrating to not get any real long term relief. It is so debilitating this illness isn't it?
Hope things get better for both of us.
I do think the chinese doctor is helping me. I couldnt have functioned a couple of months ago without lots of medication and now I can. (some days better than others) I felt a bit sick this morning but ok now. I find camomile tea is good when i feel sick as is ginger tablets and sodium phosphate and magnesium phosphate tablets ( I take them 3 times a day)
has your chinese doc got an explanation why you are sick? mine thinks its my liver.. i also think the regular acupuncture helps with nausea ( though it is expensive!)
i am sorry that you are not doing well....are u still on mirtazapine? maybe you could try amitryptline instead? given you dont suffer any side effects?
Im also taking a new anti reflux drug which i think is helping a little as well.
have u tried reflux meds? it can be silent... no other symptoms other than nausea.
i am going to stick with my doctors that i have at the moment.. im going to see another gastro for a review in the coming weeks.. so i dont think i will see dr borody at the moment. ( given i dont have an infection or parasite im not sure he can help me)
keep your chin up... and i hope u feel better