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Update on my daughter...signed consent for surgery

Hi all....

I posted not long ago re: my daughter and the possibility of surgery due to some very large fibroids. We met with the surgeon yesterday and viewed her MRI pictures. It was ugly. The fibroids are multiple and very large and obscured the uterus totally. You could clearly see the crowding from the size of the uterus on the rectum, bladder and tailbone area

She opted for a hysterectomy....done laparoscopically. He mentioned that he could remove the fibroids only, but couldn't guarantee the integrity of the uterus afterward (if she were to conceive)...because of eventual scar tissue, etc. She has, more or less, resigned herself to the fact that there will be no children, but still......(she's 38). Besides, she has suffered with these buggers for sooooo long, she just wants it over with.

She's to start Lupron injections to help shrink the fibroids some before the surgery.....1 shot a month for 3 months. Anyone here follow this same protocol? Any negative side affects from the Lupron? We're looking at mid-November for the surgery.

How long were you in the hospital following a lap hysterectomy...barring any complications? I had a laparoscopic colon re-section 2 years ago and, because of the nature of the procedure, was in for a week. I realize this is totally different. I also had an open abdominal surgery for an ovarian cyst years ago and remember it taking forever to recover.

How much "down time?" How soon were you able to return to

This will be her very first surgery.....and she's very anxious, but also excited to think her quality of life will improve. We're hoping she'll feel lots better after this surgery.

Thanks for reading

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