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Re: Anyone with Chronic idiopathic nausea?

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Hi Aussiegirl2 - my Chinese doctor thinks it is a problem with my spleen. I have decided not to see him again at the moment. I may go back to him in the futre but having seen him 18 times over 4 mths and also another Chinese doctor 24 times perviously I think it is time to try something else.
While I think of it you should really find out if you are intolerant to certain foods such as gluten, dairy, etc or suffer from fructose malabsorption. I have tested myself and I am ok but I know that these can cause nausea even though these foods may not have caused problems earlier in life.
Dr Borody called me yesterday. He thinks I have an infection so he is going to send me some antibiotics, no doubt the same ones as he gave to you. He says that if my symptoms improve then this will prove that I have an infection and then I should have fecal transplantation. I assume that because you didn't respond positively to the antibiotics he figured you don't have an infection, is that correct?
BTW, do you have nay problems with your bowel movements? I am asking because whilst I am not constipated or have diarrhoea my bowels are not working correctly. Also I do get pains from time to time in my stomach, do you?
Good luck and keep in touch.

hi yes it sounds like he will send u the 2 antibiotics i took. i hope it works for u.
i will ask my new gastro about testing for food allergies (dairy,gluten etc) and fructose. my digestion has improved since cutting out dairy and gluten but its restrictive..
i found my stomach symptoms have improved alot since i cut out gluten.. no more stomach cramps and constipation.
i dont think i will ever go back to eating lots of bread like i used to.
this week i have probably felt the least nausea for 3 months so that is good. but i still had one bad day and night!
i hope the antibiotics work for u. i just took a course of the ones to kill of giardia incase there was any lurking.
do u keep a log of what u eat/supplements/ and how u are feeling?
that can also be useful to look for patterns.