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Re: In need of a diagnosis

Hi Cre8tive,

I hope your getting along okay. I'm sorry no-one has been able to help. There are a lot of us who have been unwell for a long time without a proper diagnosis. I know how you must be feeling. It is so difficult when you feel so lousy all the time but no-one can see it.

I was told by a doctor that they are very good at doing life threatening things but as for problems that destroy your quality of life they don't know much. You are lucky to have avoided the psychiatric tag. Being told you are anxious or stressed is very frustrating.

I have some things in common with you, but the one that stands out the most is the breathing problem. It is so annoying and debilitating. I know if I walk too fast I will get really puffed, so I walk so slow. I feel like I am 104. I also get hot easily so that I sweat, and have lost a lot of hair.

I have recently had a hair analysis test which has come up with very high mercury levels. The naturopath thinks this is what is making me ill. How were your heavy metals tested?