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Re: Anyone with Chronic idiopathic nausea?

Originally Posted by aussiegirl2 View Post
hi yes it sounds like he will send u the 2 antibiotics i took. i hope it works for u.
i will ask my new gastro about testing for food allergies (dairy,gluten etc) and fructose. my digestion has improved since cutting out dairy and gluten but its restrictive..
i found my stomach symptoms have improved alot since i cut out gluten.. no more stomach cramps and constipation.
i dont think i will ever go back to eating lots of bread like i used to.
this week i have probably felt the least nausea for 3 months so that is good. but i still had one bad day and night!
i hope the antibiotics work for u. i just took a course of the ones to kill of giardia incase there was any lurking.
do u keep a log of what u eat/supplements/ and how u are feeling?
that can also be useful to look for patterns.
I have kept a log of what I have eaten since October 2008 but cannot find any patterns whatsoever.
Are you bowel movements normal?