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Re: What were your celiac symptoms? Just had a positive blood test, now need endosco

It took almost ten years for me to get diagnosed. I could never get a straight answer from doctors to what exactly was wrong, just alot of "well, we think it's this . . .", I was misdiagnosed with anxiety, gallbladder trouble, lactose intolerance, GERD, atypical premenstrual symptoms, and the classic catch-all irritable bowel syndrome.

I was 35 when dx. Multiple sclerosis runs in my family too, as well as vitiligo, juvenile arthritis and thyroid disease - all linked to celiac. Other diseases linked to celiac are autoimmune liver disease, sjogren's syndrome (dry eyes, mouth), migraine, depression, and type 1 diabetes. By "linked" I mean there's a higher % chance of developing one or more of these illnesses if you have untreated celiac.

After my endoscope, I went gluten free immediately. I felt better within two weeks, although I felt much, much better after a year. My mother has celiac (as do several cousins) so going GF wasn't that hard for me.

Good luck! Let me know how it goes! Any questions about the diet, just ask My new favorite GF bread is Udi's whole grain (flax and teff flour added to a basic rice flour mix). I even found it at my local grocery store.