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Looking for diagnosis - back/weight/rectal

I am desperately seeking a diagnosis for a condition I have. After having referred me to a number of specialists my GP has now given up on finding the cause of the problem and is talking about CBT and pain management. I have seen a gynaecologist (ultrasound of uterus and ovaries), a gastroentorologist(endoscopy), a neurologist (nerve checks and mri of lower spine) and I've had an ultrasound of my bladder, kidneys and liver. All came back fine. I've also seen a chiropractor and an acupuncturist and still no diagnosis. The GP started suggesting that it might be psychosomatic so I went to see a counsellor and also saw my work counsellor and both are convinced that this is a physical problem. I've convinced the GP to refer me to a colo-rectal specialist and I have an appointment for Sept. If that doesn't work i'm going to try a low level anti depressant like Amutryptalene(sic) to rule out any spinal nerve problems that weren't picked up by the mri.

So here are my symptoms: when I stand still for more than a few minutes and definitely if it's a few hours then the trigger is triggered. It starts with lower back pain and I start having to readjust my position to alleviate the lower back pain. The aching then spreads around to my sides and sometimes to the front. This is accompanied by a heaviness in my pelvic region and sometimes my stomach which makes me want to take the weight off. I can get relief either by sitting down or preferably lying down horizontal. So far this just sounds like a back problem(I'm going to post this to the back forum as well). But the heaviness turns into a pushing-down feeling which seems to be over my rectum. To counter it I try to suck everything in, pull my pelvic floor muscles up because it feels as if my insides will drop out if I don't. I can only imagine that this is what a prolapse feels like (however, god forbid if I mention 'prolapse' to my GP because he told me yesterday that it is not a prolapse because if it was, the gastro/gynae/mri would have detected it). But the problem doesn't end there. Once it has been triggered then it usually takes about 4 days to get better. The day after the trigger is the worst. My stomach is usually big and heavy, the weight/pushing down feeling over my rectum is uncomfortable to the point that I will sometimes spend a whole day lying horizontal on my couch to take the weight off. And the worst bit is that it brings on a haemorrhoid for the duration. I think it's an internal one because unlike external ones, it isn't sensitive to the touch. But it's uncomfortable and distresses me greatly. It's always in the same place - the edge of my perineum. Over the 4 days after the trigger (which if you remember was standing still for a period of time) the symptoms ease, the weight gets less, my back stops aching and the haemorrhoid retracts. Oh, and I should mention that I'm fine walking. I can walk for ages without triggering the symptoms. I just can't stand still. Also, these days, it is triggered by sport e.g. running, swimming...I'm 34 and female. I've never had babies and until recently I've been very sporty. About 3 years ago I remember the symptoms being triggered every now and again after nights out with my friends which involved standing around, drinking and dancing. At the time I was doing lots of sport and this didn't seem to trigger the symptoms. So it's gone from being approx once in every 4 to 5 months to once a week. Currently I'm lucky to get a symptom-free day or two.

There must be someone else out there suffering from the same thing. Any ideas anyone?? P.S. sorry for the gory detail but I left my embarrassment behind a while ago in the desperation to find a diagnosis and get on with my life.

Thanks in advance.

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