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Re: What were your celiac symptoms? Just had a positive blood test, now need endosco

Originally Posted by Stabevrian View Post
If you have celiac, what were your symptoms? How long did it take to get diagnosed? How old were you when you were diagnosed? My Dr let me know Friday that a blood test was positive for celiac and I have to have an endoscopy to confirm.

I have been having a lot of weird symptoms since Oct 09- mainly rib cage and left side pain. I also had enlarged axillary lymph nodes that have since gone down- not sure if that was celiac related. I just want to start feeling better- I have upper left ab pain almost everyday now.

Also- do autoimmune diseases run in your family? My Dad has MS and thyroid issues.

I was diagnosed a year ago. My main symptom that was finally linked to celiac was anemia. I have had I.V.'s for iron to replenish & I had good results after 1 allergic reaction. I also end up with stomach pain & diarreah (sorry if too much info , but I feel lucky that those are really my only problems. I just wanted to warn people who are chronically anemic to check for celaic.