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Re: do caregivers get benefits?

Wow, I think you'd better all come live in Aussie with me! I look after my Mum (87 and in a wheelchair) and I get a full pension, $350 per week, plus she gets a full aged pension (the same amount), plus I get a $55 weekly allowance to cover medical expenses and respite. And we still complain here, lol. I've been her sole carer for 20 years and have received it for the entire time because I can't work due to my caring duties.
We have elections tomorrow, and the party I'll be voting for is the Carer's Alliance - a legitimate political party set up to ensure that the needs of carers are met, being as 1 in 5 Aussies are full time carers for their disabled parents, children, or close loved one.
I can't imagine how people survive if they can't work due to their caring role, but don't get paid to do it!