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Re: Morton's Neuroma ... Help

i just read about your mess and can so relate. i have tried to read all the posts on this board and it is just loaded with heartache and incompetent doctors if not down right quacks. so many millions are suffering with this including me. first my left foot, now also my right foot. and like you and everyone else, i have tried one thing after another, seen umpteen doctors and gotten nowhere. i have not had surgery after reading the horror stories that abound here nor have i tried orthodics as that also according to people seems to be useless. i am so depressed, at the end of my rope, almost bedridden, i don't know what shoes to where anymore, when i have good days there is no reason for it, when i have bad days there is no reason..i don't know eher to turn anymore. my life has stopped. i can't go out as the next day my feet are so bad i can hardly stay sane. what are all of us to do? where do we all turn? to think this is our life from now on is an overwelming thought. is ther one doctor that knows what to do and can help any of us? its been awhile since your post, not sure you are even on anymore...let me know if you have made any progress ok? thanks