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Re: What were your celiac symptoms? Just had a positive blood test, now need endosco


I'm glad to see you're getting close to your diagnosis as life will get better for you after this is over and you can go gluten free.

I was diagnosed last November and I am 24 years old. My initial symptoms were very very bad stomach problems. From the time I was 6, I was in hospitals about my stomach pains and loose bowel movements. I was diagnosed with IBS, GERD and anxiety. Then in April of 2008 I collapsed and was taken to the hospital. It turned out my resting HR was 30-50 and my sleeping HR was 20ish. My heart then took two 10 second pauses in the hospital, so they put a pacemaker in. Then my blood pressure started to plummet below 80/50 constantly and I have to take medication to keep it normal now. Then my HR started to go too high with exercise, which they said is due to an over-reactive Sinus Node. The pacemaker, BP and Tachycardia all were related to a poor autonomic system my Neurologist says is caused by autonomic nerve damage due to undiagnosed Celiac. What got me on the Celiac road though was I became slightly anemic and bone marrow was starting to suppress, so the Cancer specialist said she wanted to test for Celiac before I saw her. The blood test and endoscopy were both positive and I was Dx'd with Celiac. My problem was all my other issues pointed nowhere near Celiac. My GI doc feels because of the extent of my problems and my intestine being nearly flat, that I had Celiac since I was in the hospital as a kid, so my diagnosis seems to have taken about 17-18 years.

Sorry for the long winded story but I just wanted to tell you, don't let anybody diminish the importance of this disease. If you don't treat yourself with the GF diet, the symptoms are not just mild as you can see with my past, it can get serious. The good news is, the GF diet is much better than taking a pill. It is hard at first, but you will get used to it. Unfortunately for me, after almost a year my tTG is still too high, but I made some mistakes on my diet which I am trying to correct.

As far as autoimmune in my family, there is only diabetes and I am the first with Celiac.

All in all...I wish you the best and let us know how the endoscopy goes.

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