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ROCD: fear to love other

Hi guys, i would like to tell you my story.

I am a rocd owner (ja!) and i always had the typical fear of not loving my gf. Now i have a new one: Love another girl (a friend of mine).

The thing is that i like her, she is pretty and smart, but that doesn't matter to me because y still want to be whit my gf, but my head is always comparing her whit my gf, and the comparisons are always kind of silly.

-She likes beer and my gf doesn't. I would like that my gf likes bear like her.
-She is a good dancer and my gf is not that good.
-She knows about art and my gf doesn't.
-Etc Etc Etc

As you can see the comparisons are not important enough to say "that are things that makes me fall in love".
As i said, i always admitted that i like her and she turns me on (sexually), but i never thot about the idea of loving her.

The compulsions are the same:
-look at pictures of her
-imagine that she is my gf
-compare her whit my gf, etc

Can it be ocd?, or is just reality and i cant accept it?.
Did these happen to any of you?

Thanks a lot!!

PS: Has you guys can see, my big fear is to love that girl because i don't want to loose my these a rocds new face?

PS2: Sorry for mi english.

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