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Re: skin redness that looks like a sunburn but isn't

I get this red rash on my chest also.usually it will proceed a flareup,which usually is brought on by stress.The rash does not itch.It starts just below the bra line,creeps up through the cleavage area,does not go on my breasts,but creeps around the upper chest and goes directly around my kneck.I feel extremely horrible when this happens.My hips will feel like i cant even walk and my whole body aches so bad I feel like I have a flu bug multiplied by like 3 0r 4.Th rash doesnt itch ,it is not raised.It actually looks like a measels or rubella rash.It will last about a day or two,then for a couple more days the area will look like It has been sunburned.The rash will also blanche when pressed (leave a white finger print before turning back red).Tehn it will be gone.Trying to explain it to a doctor is something else.They look at me crossed or confused.has anyone els experienced that type of rash also.I do have fibro,have not been diagnosed with lupus just yet although i did have anti-nuclear antibldies present in my blood years back.Which I dont even know what that means.But I suspect i might have amild case of Lupus.I have sooo many of the symptoms.Wishing you all wellness,happiness,joy and health.have a beautiful day! :0)