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Chances of MSSA recurring


I see a few post regarding MSSA and the chances of recurrence.....but I dont see the answer that I am looking for.... maybe someone can help me...

On Nov 2, 2009 I had a surgery on my T11 - T12 and L1 to remove fiberous dysplasia from my T12 and floating 12th rib on the left side. They removed my rib and the left side of T12. At that time they place a cadavar bone graft into T12 and fused T11-T12 and L1 together. Two weeks later I was in the ER for an infection subcutaneously around the incision site. I had to have a second surgery to clean the infection out on Nov 19th. They closed me up and sent me home 6 days later with an RX for IV therapy 1 time a day for three weeks... They were unable to get a pic line in so I was a pin cusion at the local hospital for weeks.

During this whole time I was in excruciating pain with my back cramping and spasming, practically unable to walk without the pain dropping me to my knees. I went to the my PCP and they gave me Valuim... which didnt touch the pain.

Finally I could take it any more and on Feb 26, 2010 I had a follow up appointment with my neurologist/surgeon and had another Xray only to be told that the infection was now around the bone graft and surgery was needed to clean out the infection again and remove the bone graft and replaced it with a metal rod. 6 days later they released me with a hickman port. 12 weeks of Vanco thru the line 3 times a day for an hour and a half. Then told that I would be on oral antibiotics for 6 months (Cipro and Rifampin ). I had to stop taking the Cipro because of digestive reactions I was getting. They put me on Keflex 4 times a day instead.

As of last week my labs looks "great" all indications of infection are within the normal range for someone without an infection. So they took me off the antibiotics 3 months early..

I am more than a little concerned that this infection is going to come back. I was supposed to have one surgery with a 6 - 8 week recovery and it has now been three surgeries and 10 months of recovery...

Does anyone know the chances (percentage) of MSSA recurrence?

The thing is I now have a "cage" or the hardware around my spine that has a screw sticking out of my back... You can feel the screw, see the screw (under the skin) but I am told that I can have the hardware removed after a year from the original fusion surgery but I am SOOOO afraid of another infection that I am now willing to deal with the discomfort of a screw sticking out of my back instead.

I see that MSSA can come back for up to a year or more??? I will be a total basket case with any unusual twing or pain for the next year if that is the case..

Does anyone know answers for me?

Thank you,

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