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Re: Chances of MSSA recurring

Hi there, it's been quite a difficult year for you! I'm sorry you've had to go through that.

It's difficult to give percentages in this situation, but this situation has less to do with MSSA than it does with the fact you had an infection at a site where there is foreign material.

Let me get one thing straight: when you went back to the OR and had the bone graft removed, that is when they placed the rod there right?

The difficult thing about your situation is that a foreign object was placed in an area which had infection. The surgeons try to clean up as much of the infected bone as possible, but it's not perfect, which is why they gave you an extended course of antibiotics after that. Hopefully that cleared what little infection was remaining. The problem with the bacteria/foreign material is that they can stick to the metal and form a biofilm which antibiotics can't penetrate. This is not always the case, but in a minority of cases it is.

So can your infection recur? Yes. Can I give you a percentage probability? No. Will you have pain when it recurs? Maybe, but probably not. What you need to look for is unexplained fever.

From now on, do not let any doctor give you antibiotics if you have a fever and there is no explanation for it. Make sure you tell them about your surgeries and previous infection and that the area is imaged with a CT or MRI. Giving antibiotics for an unexplained fever in you, could mask the infection if it ever came back.

Keep in mind though, the surgeons do the absolute best they can do remove infected bone, and this should keep your probability of recurrence low.