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Re: Chances of MSSA recurring

Thank you Harka for answering my questions... I forgot to mention that I was on Ancef for 6 weeks thru my hickman and 6 weeks of vanco and at week 5 1-2 I came down with a vanco rash all over my body and had to quit taking it early. Thats when they put me on the two oral antibiotics.
To answer yours yes, the 1st surgery the put the bone graft in. The second they left it in there and just cleaned everything out and closed me back up...stating that the infection wasnt around the bone graft at that time and they prefer to have bone heal to bone so they left it in there.
The third surgery is when they removed the bone graft and replaced it with the rod stating it was less likely to have the infection attach to the metal then the bone and with no blood flow to either they thought it safer to place metal rod... Is the infection something that can re-occur anywhere at anytime? My risk doesnt drop over the years?
Thanks again for answering my questions...