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Re: Tapering Off Prednisone

I have had trouble with getting off of prednisone just like you. I was on prednisone at 10 mgs, and flared every time I tried to reduce it. Finally, after about 5 years of 10 mgs, I was able to get down to 7.5 mgs, but no lower. My bones have really suffered, and I try really hard to keep my daily steroid use to a minimum. I have had elevated cpks for quite awhile with a low grade fever (over a year), but I try to weigh this health issue with my others such as bone health. My doctor did switch me over to hydrocortisone (60 mg total a day) gradually with the thought that this would be easier on my kidneys. Maybe weigh the risks of this med with your overall health. Kind of a no win situation unfortunately. Hang in there.