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Question Totally weird dream

Ok so ive had a seriously weird dream...more weird than usual actually. There are bits and peices that I do remember and it well is kinda creepy. Anyways it starts out as me and a bunch of kids dressed in clothing from the 1920's walking around the streets. But whats weird about the street is everything is in sephia..I think thats how you spell it, and we were looking for something. Then all of a sudden me and the kids are in a cavern that is connected to the street, we find basically dead bodies lying around. After about five minutes of being there I hear the alarm that goes off when it is curfew time, basically the same sound from silent hill. And then one of the kids starts freaking out and all of a sudden I see mud water spill out of the kids mouth like it was as if a camera was in the middle of his throat and goes backwards until the water spews out of his mouth. Then it goes to where I see myself and its as if im watching a movie and I watch myself walk across the street, there are no people around at all, the wind isnt even blowing, and I remember thinking what am I looking for? Oh yeah thats my character and her mom is dead. And I wake up feeling odd.
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