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Could RLS be related to cirrhosis of the liver or hepatic encephalopathy ?

Hello- My husband who is 53 was dx with cardiomyopathy 8 yrs ago, and 1 year ago he had a biopsy done on his liver(liver ast/alt started to rise 2 years ago). He was dx with cirrhosis of the liver grade 4 of 4 scar tissue consistent with cirrhosis and grade 2 of 4 inflammation. He has what he thinks is RLS-takes requip for 1 1/2 yrs-Dr prescribed 1 mg ea day before we found out about the liver problem-this past week he increased it to 2 mg ea day. The leg problem has gotten worse in the last 3 months along with the HE symptoms-confusion, memory lost, anger, etc....Could this be from the liver disease and HE getting worse and not really RLS? While sleeping his legs just lift straight up then relax back- is this like the liver flap. He has blood ammonia level of 71-which is elevated/normal is 10-45. When I read the symptoms of RLS they don't seem to match what my husband explains is happening. Others seems to say crawling feeling and need to move the legs. It appears what he has is involuntary during sleep, and wakes him up. Just wonder if this is just another symptom of liver disease that means the liver is getting worse or the HE is getting worse. Has anyone ever come across this? Thank you for any help!

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