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Re: Successful Ablation for AVNRT

I had catheter ablation on August 19th... can't believe I didn't do it sooner! I was diagnosed with SVT. My procedure took exactly 2 hours also. I used to lay in bed at night and listen to my heart pound rapidly and then stop! I wasn't getting any sleep! I haven't had this experience since the night before my procedure!

I read every one of your posts on ablation before my procedure! I needed to know what to expect. My husband and mother were totally against me having this procedure! Reading your post helped me make the decision to have it done after another cardiologist told me that my symptoms were from anxiety!
Well...that doc that told me it was anxiety was wrong!!!! One hour into my procedure I was told that I had Atrial flutter and it could be fixed! Those words were music to my ears!!!!

Thank you for the positive post and sharing about your experience!!!!