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Re: PSA Relapse Following Salvage Radiotherapy, can you help?

Hi, although my case is not the same as yours I thought I would post a response since my therapy is now intermittent triple blockade. After RP and follow up radiation and single blockade my PSA dropped to .1. I was taken off single blockade and my PSA was at 1.2 approximately a year and a half later. I was placed on lupron again and six months later casodex, PSA dropped to .08. I swiched to dr Myers at this point and he placed me on triple blockade. My PSA dropped to <.01 and held there, a level I had not achieved on either single or double blockade.

I had my last lupron shot in March this year and came off casodex when I met with Dr Myers in June. We will see how it goes with just avodart. I am going for monthly Ultra Sensitive but have only completed one so far, PSA was still <.01.

BTW my original PSA was +45 in 2005 at time of RP and post RP Pathology was Gleason 4+5. Diagnosis of PC was made Feb 2005