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Re: Pancreatic Cancer worry? Any advice.

Originally Posted by Mel52 View Post
Have you had your gallbladder checked? Sometimes stones don't show up either easily. There is a test called a HIDA scan to see if the gallbladder is working. Pancreatic cancer pain is usually on the left side around to the back.
Please keep on the track of staying sober. You're bigger than the bottle and you can do it. Panic attacks are interesting. Don't you find that after having the first one and thinking you are dying, the second one is all about having the fear of having an attack? My mom had them. One day during an attack she said take me now, let me die. It was the last one she ever had. Isn't it said also that eating small balanced meals also help? Good luck.
Have not had my gall bladder checked. Just got to see a doctor a couple of days ago and they ordered x-rays of my stomach area. She said if nothing comes up she'll order a endoscopy in a few weeks. Gave me medicine for Gerd, and told me to see if it helps in the meantime.

Not sure why the wait between tests. Probably because I don't have insurance. I'm working on getting some coverage to help me out. The worse part right now is waiting and not knowing why my stomach is acting up. Looking up symptoms online has probably scared me more than anything.

And yeah, panic attacks are something else. Hadn't had one for a few years until just recently. Hope I never have one again.