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Re: Needing level 3 cervical disc fusion need advice!

WOWWWW! We are very close in what is wrong with us! I of course have done the knee replacements and I tell you what that was a breeze to me compared to this long-term pain. I would have knee replacement again over this neck pain. It is horrible! My pain doc gave me injections 2 weeks ago and I have asked twice for him to switch up my meds for me but he has refused both times asking me to wait it out and see if the injections help. It hasn't helped at all. So, last night my neuro surgeon's assistant called me and told me he left her a note telling her to call me and tell me to come in and see him and go over films and MRI results with him next week. So, I know what it means. I am going to have to have this level done. I just wonder what it is like to have another fusion done on top of one I had done 2 years ago?? Like, will it be the same type of recovery, pain, etc.? I had the worse time with a sore throat and swallowing. I still cannot swallow well and get choked a lot. I am to the point that daily life is a challenge. So, should I ask my neuro about disability? I would have to go through SSD as I am not working. I had to quit work due to the pain. I am a medical transcriptionist. I plan on asking him about all this. I cannot believe how similar we are!!! I am 45. Too young to go through this. I also have a special needs son, he is 15 now, he has Down syndrome. So It is tough some days. I also have a son that is 19, will be 20 next month. So he helps out a lot. When he can. He works. My husband is great when he is home. But financially I need to work. I just don't have the energy to. I was diagnosed with the diabetes recently and so my body is in shock right now, taking all these meds, changing up my diet, etc. What do you think it will be like to have another fusion on top of the other fusion? I am concerned about that and what it will be like. Will we basically have a 3 level fusion? Let me know what you think.

By the way, those injectoins in your knee, they are not great. I had 2 sets of those and I got no relief from either. No cortisone helped either. My knees progressed rapidly as is my neck. I tend to just go down hill fast once it starts. I told the PA that last week. Anyway, I go Thurs to see him and I guess I will get the low-down then! I will let you know. Let me know what you decide to do. I need more pain relief and may call tomorrow to talk to PM doc and see if he will change his mind now that he has seen the report from the MRI. It just isn't helping me at all. I think I told you I was on Opana ER 20 mg twice a day, Lortab 10 mg 3 times a day. That is it. I am taking extra Lortabs as one just doesn't even help sometimes. My PCP started me on Lyrica and I am on Cymbalta as well. I hope the Lyrica helps. Well sorry to be so long. Talk to you soon. Best of luck! Queenie