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Do I need EWCM to conceive?

Hello husband and I have been TTC for about 5 mths now, I've been reading about ways to predict ovulation and have come across the term Egg White Cervical Mucus quite a bit. Personally I have been tracking my cervical mucus and cervical position, and I've noticed that I don't have stretchy EWCM. I get alot of wet, clear, watery mucus...very slippery, not stretchy, around the time of ovulation. Does anyone know if this is ok? Is it fertile mucus? The only time I notice "stretchy" fluid is sometimes when Im aroused or after sex...and I figure that's probably him more than me. Thanks for your help and advice!

- Oh just thought I'd add my hasband and I are both 27, pretty healthy, and my periods are normal for the most part...anywhere from 20 to 27 days long. I stopped BC 8 mths ago.

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