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Worried Sick about HIV


I just got back from Vietnam where I had some drinks in a bar and made the mistake of having sex with a protitute. I wore a condom during the vaginal sex, but took it off afterward and she performed brief oral sex and masturbation on me to finish.

On my return home I came down with a nasty flu-like/cold-like illness with a fever, skin rash, nausea, malaise and mild cough with sputum production. It really knocked me out for about 8 days. I lost 10 lbs during this due to lack of appetite. My doctor hasn't pinpointed exactly what the illness is and the idea of HIV didn't occur to me until I started surfing the net and read some of the symptoms.

From what I understand Vietnam has an epidemic of HIV and I am literally sick with worry right now as it is too early to be tested.

What is the risk of having contracted HIV from this single episode? I could really use a rational look as I am unable to think clearly about it right now.

thanks for your advice!

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