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Question Sinus Node Re-Entry Tachycardia

I have Sinus Node Re-Entry Tachycardia, please clearly explain this to me in layman's terms. Secondly, could the fact that I am anorexic be the cause of this? Is this life threatening? I was diagnosed in 2007 and I was on Coralan 7.5mg twice daily. I have now resumed going to the gym every week day, and doing mild exercise on the weekend. I have not been to the cardiologist since. Can the anorexia escalate the condition? Would I remain on meds for life? If it is optional to have the catheter ablation as I have read online, would it make the rectify the condition entirely? Another thing, what are the causes of anorexia to the heart. I do use a polar heart rate monitor at the gym. I exercise with determination, drive and endurance. I do a lot of cardio workout - treadmill, rowing, spinning and floating stairs. I do core exercises, weight and skipping at home. I use to exercise 3 hours a day and have been forced to reduce it to one hour per day with great difficulty to commit to. I am underweight for my height, weight and age. Sometimes, I wonder if my heart would just stop! and that scares me but also drives me to know I can push myself - stupid and dangerous I know. I am a high risk taker.....

I have episodes of SVT and this also happens when I am asleep. This has been monitored twice with the use of a halter monitor. My sodium level is 129 and I was informed by my GP that this is high ????
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