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Re: ROCD: fear to love other

Originally Posted by facethefear View Post
Hi There,

Sounds like ROCD to me. Listen to the quiet voice that doesn't question. Just let all those thoughts be there don't give them any attention. For example a thought comes into your mind, don't start a discussion inside your head about it, just let it be there and get on with what you are doing you do not need to answer anything. This is only giving the thought attention let it be there, let it swirl. The true answers come to you when you are at peace giving it attention only keeps OCD going.

Thanks. The thing is that the thought is more like a feeling. I know she is pretty and she has a nice personality, that is a fact, but i dont know why i fell like that is feeling is bad for me, like it means that i am in love whit her.

My problem is not that i want her, my problem is that i dont want to love her because that means to loose my gf.