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Re: Do I need EWCM to conceive?

Thanks for your response LauraLu....I haven't tried the OPK yet. I figured since Im having reg periods that I should be ovulating. It is frustrating though because when I was on BC I knew the very day I would it's anywhere from 20 to 27 days! So I just make sure we BD at least every other day, if not every day, between day 7 and 15. But maybe I should try the OPK just to be sure Im ovulating. I asked my Dr about not noticing the stretchy EWCM and she said it can be hard to notice sometimes...she said as long at it's noticibly more abundant and thicker that it's fine. The thing is I dont notice it being "thicker"'s probably thinner than usual...and watery. There is a lot of info about fertile cervical mucus out there...and some of it states that you need the thick, stretchy EWCM and some say the watery mucus is actually better, easier for the sperm to swim. So Im confused!'s good to hear about other women who have the same type of fluid...and their success stories! Congradulations on your pregnancy Hope all is going well...Thanks again!