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Re: Need Advice and Reassurance (Prostatitis?)

That certainly sounds very horrible; I can definitely empathize with you. I've had recurrent chemical epididymitis for 4.5 years now, and nobody can tell me for certain what the cause is. During my last visit to my urologist in February, he suspected there could be a psychosomatic component to it, since my ultrasound was fine. I am open to that possibility, however it is always hard for me to believe the mind can be that powerful! I guess in your case, it is always a possibility too.

Perhaps a more important question is why you've had UTIs for so long. I thought that was a problem that mostly women get. You've certainly thrown a lot of antibiotics at these bugs, and it is hard to believe they could have survived that onslaught. However, I guess it's possible that they have become resistant to the drugs if they were not completely eliminated in the past. Also, antibiotics are not selective in which bacteria they kill. They kill both good and bad bacteria in your system; including a lot of helpful bacteria and flora in your gut. I see that you're taking probiotics, but I just wonder if the antibiotics keep wiping them out each time they are introduced.

Have you ever heard of Colloidal Silver before? I believe it is mostly used topically, but it can be used to kill any bacteria it comes into direct contact with. Apparently the bugs can't develop resistance to it because the silver particles will always kill them when it comes into contact. I've also heard that it leaves good bacteria alone somehow, but I don't know how that's possible. If your cause is indeed bacterial, there's a remote possibility it might help. I'm not sure if you can somehow apply it directly your prostate or not. I'm not sure if ingesting it internally will help either. Perhaps do some research on it if you believe your cause is still a bacterial one.

All your mental suffering you have talked about, from feeling you're not living life to the max because of this condition, to the whole libido thing, I've experienced as well. The whole libido thing is almost certainly in your mind. Since you're in pain, your mind will prioritize that over anything sexual. While I've suffered from my condition for a long period of time, thankfully it has been intermittent, and I've experienced relief inbetween flare-ups. With yours being chronic and constant, that must suck that many times more.

Try to beat this thing, and keep us posted on your progress!

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